best recommended bluetooth proximity marketing beacons software review

Are You Ready To Flood Your Business With New Customers? ClickyAds.com is your solution to getting more traffic, leads, and sales to your store, business, or services! Imagine being in public and being a walking billboard for your business... all without saying anything!

This growing technology allows anyone within proximity of our device to receive nearby notifications... all of which are already features enabled on most Android phones version 4.4 and up. The market is huge and you're missing out on this target market!!!

best recommended bluetooth proximity marketing beacons software review


Check out this recent screenshot...

best recommended bluetooth proximity marketing Houston, Sugar Land, Kingwood, Texas

If the big timers know how good this is... shouldn't you use it too?
Works for Real Estate Agents, Non-Profit Organizations, Churches, Insurance Agents, Plumbers, Contractors, Dental Clinics, Doctor's Offices, Spas, Restaurants... you name it!!!


best recommended mobile website builder platform software review

Your account includes a complimentary mobile page builder, which is an awesome deal even by itself! If you don't have a website or a page to promote your special offers, you can easily use our Mobile Platform to create mobile pages. There is no coding required; the designs and widgets are included! You just point, click, and create. It's that simple! Here are just some pages you can create with our builder:

  • best recommended bluetooth proximity marketing devices app
    Forget those little cards that you stamp with ink or cut with a hole puncher. We provide you with the capability to create digital loyalty cards -- allowing your customers to return time after time to make purchases and getting rewarded for their loyalty! You win, they win, everybody is happy!
  • best recommended bluetooth proximity marketing beacons software review
    Offer special coupons that customers can redeem when they show up to your store or place of business. No need to pay for expensive publications spots. They can claim it digitally! The best part is you get to capture their email address too, so you can build up your mailing list and send them other promotions in the future!
  • proximity marketing business opportunity reseller program
    Show videos to capture their attention, promote your special offers, or educate them about your products or services. You can use multiple video sources such as YouTube, Vimeo, Daily Motion, and other compatible video hosting sites. Our Mobile Platform can do all that and so much more!

But that's not all! Here are other awesome features:


  • vCARDS
  • MAPS



And so much more! Sign up with ClickyAds.com and get started today!


ClickyAds best recommended bluetooth proximity marketing beacons software review

This advertising system is so easy to use... and it works hard for you!

  • Step 1
  • Receive your device after activation and configuration from us.

    best recommended bluetooth proximity marketing devices app
  • Step 2
  • Login to your account, put your link, and setup your ad

    best recommended bluetooth proximity marketing beacons software review
  • Step 3
  • Put the device on your pocket or purse and bring it everywhere!

    proximity marketing business opportunity reseller program

While you're out in public, your ad is being broadcasted to everyone with an Android phone within 300 ft! And they don't even need to install an app in order to see your ad notification! How awesome is that!

Want to focus on your business while advertising passively? No problem! Get someone else to advertise for you -- your kids, your wife, your employees... or leave the device at a location. How simple is that?

Premium accounts will include Full Tracking analytics, giving you additional details about your ad, if they are available, such as geographical location and other data, in addition to the number of ad clicks you have received.

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For your reference, you can preview below some actual screenshots taken from a Samsung S7 phone that was within range of our device. The displays may vary depending on the phone brand and model, but will follow the same general layout.

  • Android Bluetooth Mobile Proximity Marketing Houston Texas
  • Phone screen is locked. The notifications are displayed when user tries to access phone.
  • Android Bluetooth Mobile Proximity Marketing The Woodlands, Conroe, Sugar Land, Kingwood, Pearland Texas
  • User unlocks phone screen and then swipes down to view pending notifications.
  • Android Bluetooth Mobile Proximity Marketing Spring, Tomball, Cleveland, Baytown, Missouri City Texas
  • User is interested and clicks on one of the notification ads for more info.

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    $15 / month
  • 1 active device
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • 1 Mobile Site Builder App (upgradeable)
  • Click Analytics for Mobile Site Builder Users
  • Email Support
  • Free USA Shipping
  • $30 One-Time Setup Fee
  • Order
    $45 / month
  • * Recommended *
  • 3 Active Devices
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • 1 Mobile Site Builder App (upgradeable)
  • Click Analytics for Mobile Site Builder Users
  • Email Support
  • Free USA Shipping
  • $90 One-Time Setup Fee
  • Order
    $90 / month
  • * Best choice *
  • 6 Active Devices
  • Unlimited Messaging
  • 1 Mobile Site Builder App (upgradeable)
  • Click Analytics for Mobile Site Builder Users
  • Phone Support
  • Free USA Shipping
  • $180 One-Time Setup Fee
  • Order

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Here are some quick answers to questions we frequently receive.

If I travel outside the United States, will it still work?

Yes, the device should work anywhere you travel! If you travel overseas for vacation and bring a phone service with you, you can use your device to broadcast your ad to other Android users within 300 feet of your device. Go ahead and take it everywhere for maximum exposure! We recommend you do just that.

How long does it take to get my device?

Each device has to be technically setup and activated prior to shipping. If you live in the Houston, TX and surrounding areas, you should receive your device in just a couple of days -- unless ClickyAds.com is out of stock. For everywhere else in the United States, you may receive your device within 3-5 days after activation, depending on your location. We send items out via USPS Priority Mail. Rest assured, we will work on your devices as quickly as we can and ship them as soon as possible!

Do I need to have a website to promote through ClickyAds?

The notification that is displayed on a phone is linked to a website or a specific page on your site so that when someone clicks on it they will see your offer. The website must be secured (starts with https:// protocol) for the campaign to function properly. If your website is not secure, we can secure your website for an additional fee. If you don't have a website, don't worry! We have included a complimentary mobile site builder with your account so that you can create your own page. That's how nice we are! We've even secured the page for you! You can also redirect your visitors to your Social Media pages such as your Facebook Page, if you don't have a website and don't want to use our Mobile Site Builder platform.

Can I make extra money for referring others to your services?

Yes, you can. With our Partner program, you can earn passive, residual income for each referral that signs up for our services! You will be paid regularly for as long as they remain in our services! You will also earn a commission for a referral that your direct referral signs up! Isn't that awesome? You will be given a unique Partner link to promote, so that referrals can be tracked and credited to you properly. We will provide you with all the marketing tools to help you succeed.

Can I cancel at any time?

Yes, you may cancel anytime. The service is month-to-month and you are not locked in to a yearly contract, so you can cancel the next month if you want to. But this type of marketing is so effective and currently very affordable that we are confident you will stay for a long time! Also, when you cancel, please be aware that the price might increase at anytime... and you will have to pay at that current pricing structure. When you cancel, you will need to return the device and ship it back to us to avoid a fee of $50 against your account. The initial setup-fee is non-refundable.

I lost my device. Can I get a replacement?

Please don't lose the device. However, in the event you misplaced or lost the device, we can send you a replacement via USPS Priority Mail for faster shipment. Please contact our support desk if you lost your item so we can activate and setup a new device for you and ship it quickly. There is a fee of $50 for lost devices.

Will the notification ads show on iPhones?

The ad notifications will only work on Android phones at this time. Research shows that the majority of the population are still Android phone users. iPhones are too expensive, and most users can't afford that!

Can I still start an ad campaign even if I have an iPhone?

You can still promote to Android phone users even if you own an iPhone. Our system is all web-based, so if you have a laptop, desktop computer, or even an iPad and have access to the internet, you can manage your advertising campaign online without problem. The ad notifications won't show up on your phone of course, unless you have an Android phone.

Why can't I see any notifications on my phone?

Make sure that Bluetooth and Location (GPS) is turned ON on your phone in order to preview the ad notifications as they would appear on other smartphones. The device is compatible with most Androids, version 4.4 and higher. If you have customized your phone, make sure you did not inadvertently turn off some default functions on the phone that are needed to display these notifications.

Android Bluetooth Mobile Proximity Marketing
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